Jonathon Pie On Russian Dirty Money in UK

Jonathon Pie On Boris & Lockdown Parties

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Russian Influence On Uk


UKrainian Flag
PUTIN is a WAR Criminal


This Is Such A Sad Day For The World

Looking Forward To

I am really looking forward to seeing Gary Numan Live this year Gary Numan

State Of The Nation

40 yrs ago we never had FOOD BANKS ! Im disgusted to live in the 5th biggest economy in the world and witness hard working citizens having to use Food Banks to feed their kids - the failure of this Tory Government on all Levels is truly disgraceful …

Think carefully when you vote next
1st of all its not just about a character
2nd its about Policies and Laws - the things that effect your daily life :NHS,CRIME,EDUCATION,ECONOMY,DEMOCRACY,TRUTH & INTEGRITY